With the Digital Accounting Robot, you can now view purchase and sales receipts on a single screen, match account codes, and transfer data.

Ease of Use

Making data transfer remarkably simple through a user-friendly interface is now achievable.


Keep your expenses under control by selecting the packages that suit your business every month.

Free Support

Reach out for assistance at any time with our unlimited support service.

Time Saving

Manage financial transactions with Dimro and focus on expanding your business.

Unlimited Taxpayers

You can define and transfer data for as many taxpayers and companies as you wish within the system.


Manage Dimro from anywhere, at any time, and on any device independently.

Single Panel

Easily access various data such as Z reports, integrator information, purchase-sale invoices, and more for your taxpayers from a single panel.

Data Security

We safeguard your sensitive business data with cloud-based security measures.

Managing your business with the Digital Accounting Robot is now incredibly easy!

Manage Your Business from a Single Panel

You can define as many taxpayers and companies as you want in the system and transfer your data.

E-Document Viewing

Instantly access and review the e-invoice or e-receipt of purchase or sale invoices belonging to your taxpayer through the receipt record.

Quick Data Transfer

With Dimro, which operates on a one-time account code matching logic without using files, perform fast and secure data transfer, and utilize your time more efficiently.

User-Friendly Interface

Manage data transfer without being constrained by time and place, from any device and anywhere with an internet connection, using our user-friendly interface.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Your Business is Now More Digital and Easier With Dimro!

With smart robots, automatically generate your chart of accounts from Luca. Convert all your invoices and receipts into automated journal entries seamlessly.

Our autonomous system fetches data from the Public Revenue Administration (GIB) and Private Integrators at your preferred time, integrating it into your accounting software.

Dimro’s specialized algorithms automatically calculate the local currency equivalent for foreign invoices, streamlining the accounting record process.

Automatically calculate vehicle restriction amounts up to 8,000 TL for the year 2022 as recognized expenses, in compliance with Income Tax Communiqué No. 317.

Automatically aligns with your accounting software to assign project codes or cost center definitions.

We offer robust infrastructure and server solutions with high security, hosted in multiple data centres in Türkiye. All costs are borne by Dimro.

Functioning just like an employee, Dimro imitates human behavior and completes its tasks through user interfaces in existing applications. It performs the repetitive, rule-based processes and tasks performed by professionals in the Accounting Record process with all the following software techniques.

Our Robots

Our Robotic Solutions!


KiHero functions just like an employee, mimicking human behavior to complete tasks through user interfaces on legacy applications. Deploying the software techniques listed below, it automates the repetitive, rules-based VAT Refund processes involving mundane tasks that are usually performed by humans.


Empro helps companies deal with the technical operations that arise when applying Inflationary Accounting, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards. Empro is an essential aid to helping you use your time more efficiently by calculating in an accurate and reliable manner.


Premiering for the first time in Turkey, our Digitally Signed Reconciliation Robot Mutro enables you to automate emails to your current accounts with pre-defined parameters including the content of the mail, its language and frequency. You can also allow past access by archiving your reconciliation work.


This Digital Audit bot enables cross-checking capabilities for your assistants by reading your VAT 1, VAT 2, Withholding Tax, Stamp Duty, Social Security, and related digital documents. In addition, you can create a balance sheet, depreciation and execute interest number calculations.

Join hundreds of financial advisors experiencing the convenience of Dimro.